Begra Group is a holding company of various underlying companies with the aim of being the most leading and complete warehouse organizer in the Netherlands and Belgium.

We are at the forefront of coming up with solutions for the rapidly changing customer needs in supply chains as a result of the emerging e-commerce, the scarcity of land and the increasing demand for security and efficiency. We have a strong belief in bringing people, knowledge, expertise and products together as this leads to more efficient working, better service, more opportunities to introduce new products and opportunities to accelerate innovations. We want to unburden the customer as much as possible by constantly adapting our range and service package to market developments and trends.

In short; By working together we can improve the quality of our products and services and meet the expectations of our customers and partners.

Begra Group consists of

Begra Magazijninrichting
Safety Support

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IJsselstraat 9-13
5347 KG
Oss, The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0) 412 667 650

CoC: 60341882
IBAN: NL80RABO0146342321
VAT: NL818038524B01